Instead of a Thousand Words

Step #1. Creating a page

If you've already created a page for your t-shirt widget for squarespace, go to step #3

  1. Open your Squarespace Account dashboard and choose a website

  2. Select Pages. Then select an existing page or click the + icon to add a new Page to your site.

Now that the new page has been added or selected, you can add a new layout for the widget.

Step #2. Create or Select a layout for the page.

If you've already created a layout for your merchandise widget, go to step #3

  1. Click the 'Manage Section' button

2. Hit the '+' button to create a new layout on your page

Now that the new layout has been added, you can embed the widget code.

3. Embed Merch38's widget

  1. Add a Code content block. Hover over the new page, and click the 'Drip' icon. Scroll down to the "More" section, and select Code

2. Paste Merch38's widget code.

In the "Edit Code" box, make sure that Display Source is unchecked and that the dropdown menu to the right has HTML selected. Copy your widget code from the Merch38 App and paste it into the source code box, then click Apply.

3. Hover 'Done' and click 'Save' in the top left to finish.

Check the result

The widget preview will look something like this:

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